Layers and layers

At a trial a few weeks ago, two people who I admire very much gave me something important. Standing with me, they connected. They saw me and they said it -- though not with words: hey, we see you. No excuses, no attempts to make me feel a certain … read more

Balance and Breaks and Best Girl

On the brink of spring, and I'm just settling into winter. Well, maybe we aren't that close to spring after all. More tears and emotions than I'd been used to from fall, but it's good. It's 2014. Golden. I forget that we lost Toby a lot. I don't … read more

I could be napping right now, but instead.

I have a rare break this afternoon, and I should probably take a nap, but I'm not going to. Well unless I write this quickly, then I will. Because naps, they're great. Sometimes young people email me or facebook me and ask about college. … read more

Good streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch,

is what I tell Rev every morning as we roll ourselves onto the floor to prep for the day ahead. She leans in, she leans out; deep breath -- extend, and compress. Let's go. Feed the dragon dog. Shower, hair, makeup, jeans, shorts (what's the … read more

Happy new year.

2014, you don't mess around. I began the new year in Key Largo, amongst family. We were in town for a cousin's wedding. Rev remained in Orlando with my Dad. Mini vacation. She's spoiled rotten anyway, but with dad, oh, all bets are off. That … read more

Happy Days

Wishing everyone the happiest of Thanksgiving Days. Hugs and laughs, so many hugs and laughs. … read more

Catching Up

I am home for Thanksgiving break. Eh, that I am becoming well acquainted with my car is probably more accurate. Ping-ponging from Gainesville after seeing Bill Nye speak in person, to Tampa to catch the Catching Fire premiere, to Orlando (home) for a … read more

The only constant is change.

Sometimes I want to cut off all of my hair. Mainly, my hair can be a defining feature for me. One day, maybe, I'll do it. Not today, but one day. I went to my first two Gator football games. Yeah. Football games are AWESOME. But I am a competitive … read more