My, oh my, am I glad to have my dogs by my side again. Beaching it up this week, in North Carolina. We beach it up a lot during our summers. Brave is incredibly brave in freshwater. Waves and salt he has no use for, so mostly he'd prefer to … read more

For now, we are here, and it’s nice.

I know I have mentioned it previously... a lot... but I love my little Brave pup a terribly large amount. See, when I got Rev things were different. I was a 15-year-old, Chase was three. When Chase disliked Rev, I had a tug in my heart to do the … read more

An Open Letter to Tammy

Dear Tammy, I am so terribly sorry we have not updated recently. This is for you. And only you. (And everyone else.) Brave is bigger! That is a thing that happened. I am in Michigan right now, so I'm thinking he will be even bigger when I get … read more

Success, mostly.

It is Dog Agility Blog Action Day. You can go here for more posts on the topic of Success. I've been thinking about this topic for several weeks now. Weirdly, my step dad asked me last night at dinner what my definition of success is. Despite … read more

still-new stars

Monday morning at 3 AM and here I am, awake in bed musing over the three dogs in my room, wondering and not quite sure about how we all came to be here. Or what here is, exactly. Chase, Rev and Brave have come to mesh very nicely together. The … read more

Slow down.

It has been a tired kind of weekend. I geared up early Saturday morning for four hours of private lessons that were lovely, if not a bit hot. They sent me on a high of needing to do ALL the things. I love those highs. They're fantastic. I especially … read more

First Brave week home.

We have had an exciting week. I try to do a lot of sitting still, try to get into recovery mode, but mostly that hasn't been working out. There are a lot of emails and video coding and puppy things to be done. On Wednesday I took Brave on a big … read more


Rev is BIG. I mean, no, she's not. But she is, currently, for my eyes. After spending two weeks away from her and the last week with all of my focus on a squishy puppy, I got home and was completely taken aback by how solid Rev is. All anyone else … read more