Hello There

My name is Tori Self and these are my dogs, 8-year-old Revolution, and youngster Brave.

Revolution was named after The Beatles’ song, has some pretty perfect luck spots, and is more human than dog. Brave keeps us on our toes, but also balanced, all at the same time.


Revolution is also Rev. Sometimes I’m Victoria, but mostly Tori.
Brave is a party.

I am a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Florida, and will be starting my Masters at the University of South Wales in 2015. My aim is to focus my studies on Behavior Analysis within both human and animal populations. There’s a whole lot of future surrounding this bit that I sometimes write about (and that I usually always speak about).

I am also a dog agility handling coach — I travel the United States to teach seminars and am based in Central Florida. Check out my instructor page for more coaching info.

Rev and I compete in dog agility together, locally, nationally, internationally. One day Brave will play, too. Right now he’s growing a whole bunch.

Excitingly enough, Rev and I have won the USDAA Steeplechase National Championship (2009), the AKC National Agility Championship (2011), and the USDAA DAM Team Championship (2013). We’ve also made our way into numerous finals, made the AKC/USA EO team in 2013, made the AKC/USA Agility World Team in 2011, 2012, and 2015, represented the USA at Crufts in 2012, and became Team Jumpers world champs in 2012.

This is my space for photos, for writing, for light, and for much love. Stay a spell.